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Product Diagram


HF 40-S

Type: Enhanced Carbon Block

Enhanced Carbon Blocks are the latest carbon technology. These premium, high performance carbon filters include additional filter aids to help reduce a wider range of contaminants. Pre filter wraps may also be included for improved dirt removal, flow rates and life.


Bacteriostatic A carbon block with bacteriostatic properties will reduce the growth of bacteria on the carbon block.
Cysts A cyst filter will reduce Cryptosporidium and Giardia.
Lead Lead Some filters will reduce lead.
Scale A scale reduction cartridge will minimise the formation of scale inside appliances.

Sediment can damage plumbing and appliances over time. It includes rust particles that can cause brown, yellow or orange spots on clothing, fixtures and toilets.


A Taste and Odour filter will reduce Chlorine, offensive tastes and odours. Some also reduce Chloramines, a by product from chlorination.

Bacteria Bacteria are tiny organisms occurring naturally in water, some types of bacteria can be harmful.


Suitable Systems

Rural Dwellings, Urban Dwellings
Full-Flo Kit Rural Dwellings, Urban Dwellings