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Sound Analysis Software

Two perfect software companions for your Littmann® Model 3200

Included FREE - Zargis® StethAssist™ Heart and Lung Sound Visualization Software

Designed to visualize what you are hearing, allow playback when and where convenient, facilitate storage of sounds in patient records or transfer to colleagues for further analysis.

  • Connects wirelessly to the Bluetooth®-enabled Littmann® Model 3200 stethoscope for easy, real-time analysis
  • Display and print sounds as phonocardiogram
  • Playback in bell, diaphragm or extended range
  • Play recordings at slow speed to listen even more closely
  • Save patient information for future comparison
  • Send as an e-mail attachment

Littmann Model 3200 with StethAssist™

Sold Separately - Zargis® Cardioscan™ Heart Murmur Detection Software

Designed to support physicians in analyzing cardiac sounds for the identification and classification of suspected murmurs.

  • Connects wirelessly to the Bluetooth®-enabled Littmann® Model 3200 stethoscope for easy, real-time analysis
  • Identifies suspected murmurs that suggest a Class I Indication for echocardiography referral
  • Identifies suspected systolic and diastolic murmurs
  • Graphically displays shape and timing of suspected murmurs
  • Enables improved documentation of referral findings
  • Allows results to be stored on your PC or online for serial studies
  • Review results when and where convenient and play recordings at slow speed to listen more closely
  • Helps you hone your own auscultation skills as you compare the diagnosis with software findings
  • May alleviate concern about misdiagnosing murmurs
  • Identifies S1 and S2 sounds

Clinical Perspective

95% of cardiologists indicated that Zargis® Cardioscan™ would help primary care physicians improve detection of heart murmurs associated with heart disease.1

Clinical Evidence

According to a retrospective study published in Clinical Cardiology in 2008,2 physicians using Zargis® Cardioscan™ results reduced their false negative referral decisions for heart murmurs by an average of 46% and reduced their unnecessary referral decisions by an average of 41%.

Ordering Information

To order or learn more about Zargis® Cardioscan™ or the portal, visit

Zargis® Cardioscan™

1 Based on findings from interviews, conducted by 3M in collaboration with Zargis Medical, with interested cardiologists at the American College of Cardiology (ACC) 57th Annual Scientific Session (March 29, 2008–April 1, 2008, Chicago, Illinois). N = 39.

2Clinical study conducted in 2005 by Zargis Medical in collaboration with The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. The study measured the accuracy of a group of primary care physicians in evaluating a set of 100 recorded heart sounds. The heart sounds were independently evaluated by each physician both with and without access to Cardioscan's reported findings. Clin Cardiol. 2008 Feb;31(2):79-83. The impact of computer-assisted auscultation on physician referrals of asymptomatic patients with heart murmurs. Watrous RL, Thompson WR, Ackerman SJ.

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