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We bring change through visionary leadership
Sustaining innovation, growing business and building brands are no easy tasks, yet 3M has triumphed on all fronts for more than a century. 3M’s success is not accidental. Focussed leadership, discipline and trust have enabled a proven legacy over the years as we have continued to deliver upon a vision for unyielding innovation, uncompromised quality, and unparalleled progress for our customers and ourselves.

We have been a committed member of the New Zealand community since 1953, and our continued tradition of innovation has become a vision and self image of 3M, and has positioned the company well for sustainable growth in the future.

Operating sustainably
At 3M being environmentally sustainable is nothing new as we were one of the first companies Worldwide to introduce a formal environmental policy.

Globally we introduced the 3P (Pollution Prevention Pays) programme in 1975, and we have been operating by this policy ever since. 3P prevents pollution at the source in products and manufacturing, which back in 1975 was considered highly innovative thinking. To date, globally, 3P has resulted in the elimination of more than 3 billion pounds of pollution and saved us nearly $1.4 billion.

Find out more about our 3P philosophy and our environmental commitment.

In New Zealand 3M continues to walk the environmental talk through the construction of our Green Star rated head office in Auckland. Both the design and construction of the building were built to strict Green Star rating scheme. Every facet of the building was carefully designed to minimise the impact on the environment. From light efficient fittings, to a rainwater harvesting system for toilets, to natural ventilation systems for the underground car park, as many environmentally-friendly systems were put in place as possible. Add to that the wide range of 3M products which were also included in the construction of the building.

Supporting sustainable community projects allows 3M to make a difference to the local environment and promote the core company values of sustainability, community spirit and innovative thinking.


Community events
3M New Zealand is an active sponsor of local schools and community organisations. We have sponsored the annual North Harbour Science and Technology Fair for over 12 years, and we support a number of local organisations, some of which are outlined below:

  • Many local schools – including Alfriston, Forest Hill, Sunnynook
  • Sport Golf Harbour Fun Run
  • Salvation Army
  • Red Cross
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Auckland Tourism, Events & Economic Development

Promoting excellence in innovation within our key business communities
To reinforce our commitment to our community of customers and users of our products and services, we are also active sponsors of several industry innovation awards.

The 3M Award for Innovation in Health and Safety has been offered since 2003 and recognises individuals and companies that show innovative thinking with improvements to safety processes and systems in the workplace. It is open to those helping to improve health and safety in the New Zealand workforce.

The 3M Award for Innovation in Libraries, held in conjunction with LIANZA (Library and Information Association of New Zealand Aotearoa) promotes excellence and innovation in Library and Information services. The award is made to the Librarian, Information specialist or team who has applied an innovative and entrepreneurial approach to their business.

The 3M Excellence in Innovation Award recognises a business that has enhanced its success through innovation, both thinking of the innovation ideas and the implementation. We are proud to have sponsored this award for the last 14 years.

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